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Accounting is very complex—you don't have room for error

As your company grows in complexity, demands on the finance team escalate, and the need for accurate, real-time reporting becomes imperative for management to make strategic decisions. Our professionals can provide systematic and scalable optimization to successfully improve financial and accounting processes and functions and ensure accurate and timely reporting.

Following a transformative growth event such as a merger and acquisition transaction, keeping pace with increased financial reporting requirements can be difficult. Ongoing labor shortages have made it even more of a challenge to attract and retain qualified finance talent, and evolving financial requirements within highly regulated industries call for more nuance and detail than ever necessary in the past.

RSM’s experienced advisors will elevate your accounting and finance functions from both a technical and operational standpoint, supporting the growth of your business and providing you with extensive industry and technical experience. We support your internal finance team by developing a closing framework generating greater efficiencies and optimization throughout the financial process. We collaborate with management to identify the potential need for standardization and automation. These services can be provided as one-off projects or under a managed service model.

With an effective foundation in place, your internal personnel can transition from managing increased back-office demands to driving more strategic value and decision-making for your organization. Your team can quickly and confidently close the books and access the necessary data to tell the real story of your business on an ongoing basis.

In addition, with integrated tools and reporting, you can deliver the right financial data no matter the stakeholder group, including your board of directors, investors, private equity fund managers, or auditors. You also have the flexibility to deliver accurate and efficient generally accepted accounting principle reporting, as well as more detailed business reporting for key stakeholders. 

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We help our clients reach their optimal state by evaluating and progressing your organization through three defined phases.

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