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Apr 20, 2022
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Part 1 - What the next gen of partnership tax technology looks like

Does your tax department have the capacity to handle rapid growth? For years, tax departments have been overusing Excel but this is not a sustainable model.

Watch this RSM webcast recorded on May 5 to see a side-by-side demonstration of how the Excel process compares to PartnerSight®, the next generation of partnership tax compliance.

During this one-hour webcast you will learn:

  1. Which tax technology trends are most likely to affect your partnership now and in the future
  2. How new technology can make you more efficient
  3. How scenario modeling can save you time and create insights
  4. How you can optimize your review of allocations and tiering using RSM US LLP’s PartnerSight®:
    a.  Organization charts
    b.  On-demand reporting
    c.  Instant K-1 generation
    d.  Data analytics

Part 2 - The tax function of the future: Developing your tax technology roadmap

If you're having trouble identifying where to begin your tax transformation journey, you're not alone. Tax teams are increasingly challenged by stifling workloads, strapped resources and complex laws that are changing by the day with each the new administration. Before you jump into new technology solutions, attend this webcast to plan for success. Automation will change your world—RSM's specialists are here to help ensure it's for the better.

Watch this one-hour webcast recorded on July 13 where we covered:

  • Optimal timelines for what you hope to accomplish with technology
  • Process assessments to jump-start your vision
  • Current systems analysis that identifies gaps and areas of improvement
  • Common mistakes that could waste your time and money and how to avoid them

Part 3 - State and local tax technology: What's now, what's new, what's next

Automated workflow solutions and data transformation tools are innovating the state and local tax review process. The result: Hundreds or more tax department hours saved to spend on the high-value work that your business needs. Is your organization up to speed?

In this one-hour webcast, RSM’s panel of tax specialists discussed the must-have tech tools like robotic process automation and tax data analytics – and what tax pros can expect state and local filing to look like in the future thanks to artificial intelligence.

After watching this recorded webcast, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate technology options for indirect tax
  • Identify the benefits of technology for sales & use tax, including calculators and automation
  • Improve efficiency for complex corporations and partnerships
  • Demonstrate the value of project management tools

Plus get a sneak peek at how RSM’s proprietary partnership tax compliance platform PartnerSight® is revolutionizing state tiering.

If you attended the SALT Summit or parts 1 & 2 of the Tax Innovation Webcast Series, you'll want to wacth the recording of this webcast.

Part 4 - International tax technology: A world of solutions for common problems

Your tax planning and compliance problems are complicated—and changing rapidly. For multinational organizations, the scale of your global tax challenges may soon exceed your ability to handle them with the manual approach you’ve relied on in the past. The good news? Common technology tools and platforms can automate tax processes and simplify your data. Finally, you can cut to the chase and make important decisions with confidence.

In this one-hour webcast recorded on Oct. 19, 2021, RSM’s international tax and tax technology professionals presented a case study of an organization that probably looks somewhat like yours—one with the same tax headaches recurring year after year and escalating in complexity. Then see how tax and finance jobs get easier (and more fulfilling), thanks to technology.

A few common problems we covered:

  • Reporting cross-border payments and managing the collection and review of tax withholding certificates
  • Identifying global transfer pricing operations and providing insights with respect to documentation obligations and areas of exposure/opportunity
  • Staying in compliance with tariff and trade regulations when importing products from various locations, particularly China

Technology can make or break your international tax team. Let RSM’s professionals help ensure your success.

Part 5 - Tax technology for family office

Is your family office leveraging technology to improve your finance, accounting, tax and investment functions? 

Ultra-affluent families need timely and accurate data and complete transparency with respect to their investment portfolios. Unfortunately, family office leadership often is forced to rely on dated quarterly investment performance information. Working from separate spreadsheets and dated reports from individual managers makes it difficult to consolidate the performance of all investments.  

In this one-hour webcast, RSM’s Family Office professionals shared key considerations for implementing family office technology and presented how an integrated platform – like FamilySight, built for family offices – can create efficiencies and provide more opportunities for your family to analyze investment activity and aggregate accounting systems, as well as bring together key functions including:

  • Tax planning and compliance
    • Enable your tax function to work more efficiently and meet new regulatory or market challenges through the thoughtful application of technology solutions 
    • Leverage proprietary technology as part of your compliance plan 
  • Dashboards 
    •  Customized dashboards allow you to correlate all of your business entities, managed service agreements, financial accounting resources, individuals/trusts, current/recent documents and relevant insights 
  • Reporting 
    • Timely, accurate and complete wealth aggregation, financial reporting and compliance reports  
  • Bill paying 
    • Secure, intelligent platform with multiple options for transaction processing for complex family offices.

Watch the recording to understand how you can enhance your team’s productivity and get a preview of how RSM’s proprietary family office technology, FamilySight, can optimize your organization’s operational performance.

Event details
Date and time

Recorded, watch anytime

Intended audience

Chief financial officers, tax directors

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