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The Real Economy: Volume 64

Swift, significant monetary and fiscal policy response to coronavirus


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March has been a month for the ages as Congress put forward roughly $2.2 trillion in fiscal aid to address current and coming economic difficulties as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Inside that aid package, known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, there is $425 billion committed to provide a backstop for Federal Reserve lending commitments, which the central bank is widely expected to leverage up to $4.25 trillion in lending facilities.

In this issue of The Real Economy, we explore monetary and fiscal policy and the impact on middle market businesses. In addition, we examine how the creation of the Commercial Paper Funding Facility is easing credit stress, we look at how West Coast ports are telling the story of supply shock and we explore the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on economic trends and industries, including:

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Economic trends amid a pandemic

Economic trends amid a pandemic

A mid-March survey conducted by The Harris Poll gauged American reaction to the coronavirus outbreak and economic concerns.


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