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Kevin Depew

Deputy Chief Economist
National Industry Eminence Program Leader

Areas of focus: Middle Market Economics


As RSM’s deputy chief economist and industry eminence program leader, Kevin provides RSM’s clients with macroeconomic and industry perspectives and insights they need to successfully manage their middle market businesses. He helps produce two unique reports—The Real Economy and the RSM US Middle Market Business Index—which offer insights into the trends and attitudes relevant to the middle market.

In addition to working with external clients and presenting the middle market economic perspective on webinars and at industry events, Kevin leads the firm’s industry eminence program. The program enables senior analysts across key client industries to forecast industry trends, including how artificial intelligence, machine learning and data will reshape business in the short and long term.

Recent contributions

Public sector webcast series: 2019 economic outlook

Obtain insights on how the U.S. economy may affect the ability of public sector entities to serve their constituents.

What will 2019 bring? An executive briefing for board members

Executive briefing for corporate leaders, audit committee members and board members addressing key issues for 2019.

2019 economic and risk outlook

Prepare for the new year by obtaining insights on the key economic and risk trends that may affect your business and industry.

Boards and the economics of workforce management trends

A tight labor market is creating unique workforce issues for U.S. businesses. Boards can play a role in meeting these challenges.

Middle market companies yet to embrace hedging, despite mounting costs

Middle market companies yet to embrace hedging, despite mounting costs

Despite mounting cost pressures, just a fraction of middle market companies appear to be hedging commodity prices for the longer term.


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