Strengthening productivity of employees as staffing challenges persist

RSM US Middle Market Business Index Special Report: Workforce 2024

Jan 25, 2024
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Technology investments and workforce strategies pave a path to productivity and efficiency

The labor market, cooling but still tight due to familiar staffing challenges,  continues to compel middle market businesses to invest in technology and optimize workforce strategies to ensure labor productivity.

One of those strategies—remote work—has proved  to be an effective tactic for recruiting and retaining workers. A segment of middle market firms has institutionalized remote and hybrid work populations, policies and practices, according to findings in the Q4 2023 RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey.

A few of the report’s key findings:

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of respondents expected some degree of difficulty staffing open positions over the next year.

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of respondents planning or considering investment in automation or IT to combat staffing challenges in the next year will target employee productivity or efficiency.

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of respondents’ companies have employees in remote or hybrid arrangements.

The MMBI survey aggregated the responses of 403 senior executives across a range of middle market companies. It was conducted by The Harris Poll for RSM from Oct. 2 to Oct. 20, 2023.

Inside the report

As staffing challenges persist, many middle market businesses are deploying a three-pronged strategy to  strengthen their workforces’ productivity and efficiency:

  • Technology investments, especially automation and IT
  • Human capital management, including various recruitment and retention tactics
  • Compensation and benefits planning

Read how MMBI survey data quantifies this approach, along with insights from RSM’s subject matter experts. Also, RSM’s industry senior analysts offer perspectives on workforce dynamics and strategies in a variety of industries.

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