United States

Kara Lyndsey

National Interfaith ENG Leader, Manager

Areas of focus: Interfaith Employee Network Group, Talent Acquisition


CDI experience

Kara is the national leader for RSM’s Interfaith employee network group (ENG), which supports RSM’s people in practicing and helping others understand their faith. Prior to her national role, she served as the Interfaith leader for the firm’s Central region.

As the Interfaith leader, Kara strives to educate people on different faiths and to encourage RSM’s people, especially in difficult times. The ENG provides a place for employees to share their faith and offer hope and encouragement to others. It also provides its members with leadership and professional development opportunities.

Summary of experience

Kara is a talent acquisition manager at RSM. With more than 20 years of recruiting experience, she hires audit and tax professionals to serve RSM’s clients' needs.

Interfaith employee network group

Interfaith members—who represent many faiths including Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu—find support in practicing and helping others understand their faith. 

Interfaith’s activities include leadership training, community service and sharing beliefs and customs associated with various faiths. Rooted in their beliefs, members support and encourage excellence in the workplace.


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