RSM US LLP traces its history to 1926, when Ira B. McGladrey started his own accounting firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The I.B. McGladrey Company was formed when McGladrey purchased a seven-person office from his employers, Billings, Prouty and Tompkins.

1926 - 1930's

Shortly after, he added one-man practices in Davenport, Burlington and Iowa City, Iowa. After 10 years of operation, George Hansen and Keith Dunn were admitted as partners, and in 1937 the firm changed its name to McGladrey, Hansen, Dunn & Company.

1940 - 1970

During the next 40 years, the firm expanded into 29 offices in eight states and in 1966 began offering consulting services. Ira McGladrey, a leader in the public accounting profession at both the state and national levels, stayed active in the firm until his death in 1952.


In November 1978, the firm merged with Broeker Hendrickson & Co. to become McGladrey Hendrickson & Company. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Broeker Hendrickson & Company had 16 offices in five states. With the merger in place, McGladrey Hendrickson & Company was able to serve clients throughout the Midwest.


Six years later, the firm merged with A.M. Pullen and Company, based in North Carolina. A.M. Pullen and Company had 26 offices located in seven states along the eastern seaboard. As McGladrey Hendrickson & Pullen, the firm's offices extended from the east coast to the west coast, north to Duluth, MN, and south to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For simplicity's sake, the firm changed its name to McGladrey & Pullen in 1987.


In the summer of 1999, McGladrey sold its non-attest assets and business to H&R Block, Inc. RSM McGladrey Inc. was established as an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of the Block organization. To ensure independence, McGladrey & Pullen was maintained as a separate entity offering audit and attest services. McGladrey & Pullen was owned and managed by McGladrey & Pullen partners, independent of RSM McGladrey.

2000 - Oct. 2015

In November 2011, McGladrey & Pullen purchased RSM McGladrey from H&R Block, reuniting the two firms as a leading partner-owned provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. In May 2012, the firm changed its name to McGladrey LLP, to reflect the firm's reunification and mirror its brand. In March 2013, the firm announced the relocation of its headquarters to Chicago.

2015 and beyond

On October 26, 2015, McGladrey changed its name to RSM US LLP and united with fellow firms in the RSM International network under the brand RSM. The firm is proud of its heritage and Ira McGladrey's original concept of service, predicated upon the personal attention of partners to the needs of our clients, will remain unchanged as we continue our quest to take the middle market to the global market.