Global expansion advisory serices

Advising companies on global expansion, relocation or consolidation

RSM’s Global Expansion Advisory service advises clients on the successful expansion, relocation or consolidation of their business. Seasoned professionals guide leaders through decision-making, prioritization, and execution of a company’s global expansion plans utilizing a standardized methodology.

RSM provides the following services:

  • Alignment of global strategy
  • Business case development
  • Location study
  • Operating model design
  • Application and infrastructure design
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Centralized project management
  • Integration with other value add and third-party service providers (i.e. legal, commercial real estate, and recruiting firms)

Starting with a strategic planning session, RSM seeks to gain an understanding of company needs and decision criteria. Followed by a business case and location study weighing expansion options through benchmarking qualitative and quantitative factors. RSM guides businesses through planning and implementation providing a full breadth of services across audit, tax and business consulting, including:

Making the business case

Formulating expansion, relocation or consolidation decisions requires quantifying and benchmarking one time versus recurring costs, and evaluating and forecasting return on investment in new geographies. Taking time to build a business case with realistic estimates around labor, logistics, incentives, taxes, and capturing often un-anticipated costs in new markets is a key first step.

Selecting a location. Evaluating and narrowing down location options by establishing a set of local requirements that need to be researched, analyzed, and/or benchmarked.

Validating findings

With a narrowed set of options, conducting site visits and meeting with local industry customers, suppliers, real estate brokers, and recruiting advisors to validate and refine the proposed business model.

Developing a roadmap

Creating an implementation plan and considering relevant companywide impact on people, process and technology. Mapping out key processes, identifying activities to be done locally versus elsewhere. Finalizing operating models by key functions and setting a go-live date. Finally, determining the design and transition activities to deliver training and monitoring post go-live.

Centralized project management

Integrating strategy, tax, real estate, supply chain, and implementation services through a unified project management to ensure seamless collaboration and to speed project delivery.

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