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Inclusion Starts with I


At RSM, we understand that the diverse thinking of our 13,000+ people nationwide and in Canada is what helps our middle market clients succeed. And we encourage our people to bring their authentic selves to the workplace. To celebrate what makes us unique, we’re sharing a series of “Inclusion Starts with I” videos featuring Managing Partner and CEO Joe Adams having conversations with our national employee network group leaders and some of the groups’ members. Through these conversations we recognize and celebrate our differences while simultaneously having candid conversations about the issues affecting each group and how we can all work together to create a more inclusive world—both inside and outside of the workplace.

  • VALOR (November 2020) – Explore some of the biggest issues facing veterans and today’s military members.
  • ¡HOLA! (December 2020) – Learn about concerns and opportunities in the Hispanic and Latinx communities.
  • AACE (January 2021) – Hear ideas for supporting members of the African American and Black community.
  • Pride (February 2021) – Build your awareness about some topics that are important to the LGBT+ community.
  • STAR (March 2021) – Learn insights on supporting women in the workplace.
  • Abilities (April 2021) – Understand the importance of fostering an environment that supports those with disabilities.
  • InspirAsian (May 2021) – Learn how to support those who’ve had anti-Asian experiences.
  • Family First (June 2021) – Explore issues facing working parents and caregivers. 
  • Multiculural (July 2021) – Understand how multicultural backgrounds bring diverse thinking to the workplace.
  • Interfaith (August 2021) – Explore why the ability to bring one’s faith to the workplace is important.