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Meet Patrick McConnell, RSM's 2019 Working Father of the Year


As a committed family man, father of four children under seven and inspirational leader to his team, Patrick McConnell is the perfect choice for RSM’s 2019 Working Father of the Year. According to one of his six nominators, “Patrick is the epitome of a working father when it comes to RSM.”

Being an audit senior manager keeps Patrick plenty busy, but he doesn’t let work responsibilities keep him from having quality time with his family. Up before sunrise to be at work by 5 a.m., Patrick made himself into a morning person so he can be home by 5 p.m. for dinner with his wife, Kristy, and kids, Nolan, Landon, Jordyn and Jackson. All of the McConnell kids were adopted as babies with the help of the RSM adoption benefits and expense reimbursement program, making them a true RSM family.

Between swimming, soccer, baseball, dance and keeping in touch with birth moms, Patrick has perfected the art of staying organized in order to be a great father. Luckily, his team at RSM is more than understanding when it comes to complicated schedules and family-first priorities. Patrick is grateful to work with diligent, driven people who take ownership of their work and help one another fill in the gaps where necessary.

Outside of the adoption program and paternity leave, Patrick felt thoroughly supported by his work family when it came to the adoption process, which, although scary at times, was incredibly rewarding. RSM provides Patrick with the flexibility he needs to give his all to both his family and his career.

“I work with a lot of people who had children before I did, and I learned a lot by watching them navigate their professional and personal lives,” said Patrick. “I think the secret to being a successful working parent is determining your priorities and making sure they happen. It’s a priority for me to have dinner with my kids and help my wife put them to bed every night, so I make sure it happens. Having colleagues whom I connect with and understand doesn’t hurt either!”

Patrick’s team is just as appreciative of his outstanding work at RSM. They see him as a reliable mentor who truly cares and gives one-in-a-million pep talks to anyone who needs one. He delivers exceptional client service year-round all while coaching his sons’ baseball team and never missing a school conference. As one nominator put it, “I personally look to Patrick as a shining example of what I strive to emulate both as a working father and as a client server. To me, and in light of RSM’s values, Patrick is the gold standard.”

What does this award mean to Patrick? “It is an honor and very meaningful to be recognized as a working father. I know that there are many good parents working to achieve a work/life balance, and it is always nice to have others recognize the work we put in.”

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