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Meet Dave MacWilliams, RSM’s 2018 Working Father of the Year


Dave MacWilliams is RSM’s Northeast and Southeast regional HR lead and national HR lead for the firm’s tax line of business. He’s father to three children—Sarah, 26, Kevin, 21, and Rachel, 17, and considers his four dogs, two cats and two birds part of the family, too.

From the nine nominations recommending Dave, it’s clear that he is a great leader, role model and mentor who is passionate about his family, his team and RSM. He says he’s fortunate to work with a great HR staff that always gets the job done. “I subscribe to the idea of working when, where and how you want or need while meeting client needs. My wife was a working mom and had a big job on Wall Street,’” said Dave. “Because she worked long hours and travelled constantly, we shared a lot of the parenting responsibilities. Whether you have children or not, nearly all of us have family obligations. Everyone on my team knows I understand the need for flexibility.”

And his team members have noticed that he practices what he preaches. One of Dave’s nominators said that “if any of Dave’s kids have commitments with school or sports he is always sure to carve out the time to ensure he can attend. He wants to be there to support them. He sets the example of flexibility on the team.”

The MacWilliams family suffered a tremendous loss when Dave’s wife, Wendy, passed away unexpectedly in September 2017. Thanks to support from his town, church, relatives and friends, he and his kids felt incredibly loved and protected. And, he says, support from the firm was amazing. “I had the latitude to do what was right for my family and for me,” Dave said. For him, that meant getting back to work sooner than later and staying busy. “I had a choice to either stay home for a period of time or be surrounded by my incredibly supportive RSM work family. I will be forever grateful for the firm’s response to my situation.”

What does this award mean to Dave? “Although I don’t feel like I’m doing anything unique as a working parent, I am really honored and humbled that my team nominated me for this award,” he said. He prefers to look at this from a broader perspective—everyone wins when the firm supports families. “People want to work for an organization that acknowledges its employees have responsibilities outside of work. RSM has created an environment that allows working parents the flexibility to not only be great employees but great parents as well. I really appreciate that our leaders foster a culture that supports working parents.”


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