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Celebrating women in the workplace during Women’s History Month


It’s Women’s History Month, and here at RSM, we’re seeing an evolution for women in the workplace.

According to a recent economic blog update by RSM Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas and one of our Industry Eminents, Laura Dietzel, women now outnumber men in the workforce by 50.04% to 49.96%. There are 109,000 more women than men in the American workforce, excluding agricultural jobs, foreshadowing what we believe will be a significant period of change in wages, benefits and the way companies of all sizes work.

And yet, certain questions in the fourth quarter of our 2019 RSM US Middle Market Business Index uncovered that only 27% of executives indicated that their organizations support gender-equality causes, and 46% reported that they are focused on women’s issues and empowerment as part of their diversity and inclusion efforts. Without a stronger focus on women, these businesses will miss out on all of the benefits driven by this shift in the workforce and the diverse perspectives women bring to business.

Here at RSM, we’ve always had an inclusive workplace, and in recognition of Women’s History Month, as the leader of RSM’s women’s initiative, I’d like to share just a few of the things we’re doing to enhance the experience of women at RSM:

  • Our women’s employee network group (STAR, which stands for Stewardship andTeamwork for theAdvancement and Retention of women) connects employees interested in women’s work issues, and helps high-performing women achieve career success. 
  • We celebrate National Women’s Equality Day.
  • We spotlight our women leaders.
  • We bring our leaders and women owners together during our women’s leadership meeting to discuss the importance of ally-ship and other relevant topics. 
  • We offer learning opportunities to our women around the importance of building their personal brands, building confidence, negotiating for themselves and their careers, self-advocacy and other topics.
  • We invite high-performing women to join our women’s leadership programs, which focus on the unique experiences of women at different stages of their careers.

Clearly, women are an integral part of today’s workplace. And at RSM, we embrace the diverse and innovative thinking this important part of our workforce brings to the table.

Please join me, along with the rest of RSM’s 11,000 people nationwide, as we celebrate Women’s History Month.

Dara Castle
Washington DC Metropolitan area Market Leader, National Government Contracting industry leader and national leader of RSM’s women’s initiative



STAR advocates for women in the workplace with a focus on stewardship, teamwork, advancement and retention opportunities.