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IT Business Management

Deploy enterprise-wide solutions with ITBM

The core mission of RSM’s ServiceNow practice is to deliver innovative solutions that allow customers to gain measurable return on investment (ROI). The ServiceNow ITBM suite of applications enables you to run IT like a business. By keeping IT operations and governance in sync with enterprise goals and governance, your organization gains increased visibility, alignment and delivery speed.

Value to you:

  • Achieve enterprise agility that is tied to IT business objectives
  • Work with professionals who have deep experience in all areas of ITBM, including PPM, APM and Agile
  • Drive digital transformation using ServiceNow ITBM at a bill rate that is often 20% to 40% less than our competitors’
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IT Service Management

Mature Strategy for ITSM Operations.

Do you need to modernize your ITSM operations? Are you looking for ways to realize the full value of your ServiceNow ITSM investment?

RSM can guide you through service management optimization to give you added value using the tools you already own. We review your existing processes and optimize your ITSM capabilities.

Value to You:

  • Revitalized service desk and operational functions
  • Improved user experience for both end-users and service desk agents
  • Cleaner agent interface tailored for support operations
  • Ability to scale service desk representatives to end-users through automated components
  • Option to choose which ServiceNow components you need
  • End-to-end configuration service
  • Reduced time-to-resolve via self-help functions and agent efficiencies

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IT Operations Management

Reduce and Prevent Outages with IT Operations Management.

Leverage ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) for visibility across your IT infrastructure and services. Take, for example, ServiceNow Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management:

  • Discovery populates the CMDB with networked devices and services.
  • Service Mapping allows you to build comprehensive relationship maps based on networked devices and services.
  • Event Management enables device visualization with enhanced real-time and historical views into infrastructure changes. You can review modifications to devices or services and the impact on any related devices on the network.

Value to You:

  • Reduce the impact of outages or prevent them altogether
  • Support the health of CMDB, ITSM (Incident, Problem, Change Management), and APM ecosystems through ITOM development
  • Visualize your ecosystem and forecast changes

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Configuration management database

Manage and expand your IT infrastructure

Is your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) optimized to support all of the interrelated data within your ServiceNow ecosystem? Would you like to leverage your CMDB for more than simple technology inventories?

As ServiceNow professionals, we know the importance of an optimized CMDB. A healthy CMDB enables better data analysis across the enterprise and lets you anticipate risks or security issues in advance.

RSM will help you migrate data to Common Service Data Model 2.0 to ensure compliance and give you the framework for the ServiceNow application portfolio management plugin. With RSM, you’ll get best-practice guidance and proven processes that facilitate optimization of your CMDB.

Value to you:

  • Ensure that your CMDB employs a single data model and is compliant with CSDM 2.0
  • Verify that data acquisition is easy and accurate
  • Enable powerful visualization and reporting
  • Create a foundation for an APM implementation—now or in the future
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Software asset management

Take charge of your software assets

Many organizations have inaccurate or non-existent IT software asset data. Working with RSM for software asset management (SAM) gives you full software life cycle visibility. We enable the management and optimization of software purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization and disposal for your entire digital ecosystem.

Value to you:

  • Enable effective software entitlement tracking
  • Reduce audit risk and ensure compliance
  • Proactively support software audits
  • Control authorized usage and resulting costs
  • Reduce software spend
  • Empower cross-business communication
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Managed support

Multitiered governance, delivery and support model

RSM specializes in delivering world-class, responsive managed support for ServiceNow. Our support model ensures that you have experienced, knowledgeable resources addressing your requests and striving to exceed your expectations.

Value to you:

  • RSM resources are experienced practitioners with excellent communication skills
  • Work with named resources—you will know your support team by name
  • Unmatched response time targets on same day
  • Upgrade support available
  • Option for on-site strategic planning sessions
  • Experienced strategic planning and program management
  • Access to experienced professionals who can communicate best practices to in-house resources

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Process engineering

Innovative solutions for your PMO or EPMO

RSM specializes in developing and maturing world-class project management offices (PMOs) and enterprise project management offices (EPMOs). Let our team assess your business needs, guide you through PMO or EPMO creation, and provide a strategic roadmap.

Value to you:

  • Increase organizational change awareness across the enterprise through cross-departmental communication and collaboration
  • Become a self-sustaining organization
  • Create a simple and repeatable framework that drives value for your entire business ecosystem

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