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Robotic process automation for small and midsize businesses


Like all companies, small and midsize businesses (SMB) encounter unique operational challenges to successfully operate in today’s global economy. Some of the current business challenges for SMBs include managing uncertainty, reducing operational costs, increasing business growth, increasing profitability, attracting and retaining new customers, improving workforce productivity, and improving the quality of products and processes. These same challenges are being overcome by large global corporations with robotic process automation (RPA). 

Historically the cost to deploy RPA solutions was prohibitive for SMBs. However, the tide is turning as the cost of deployment and maintenance of these systems has come down significantly. As a result, SMBs are well-positioned to take advantage of the various benefits of RPA and can potentially achieve the same benefits as much larger companies. 

In this RSM and Proformative recorded webinar we share several examples of RPA solutions that we have deployed for our SMB customers that have yielded enormous return on investment.

The webinar will help you:

  • Understand how SMBs can level the playing field with global organizations through RPA
  • Compare several examples of RPA solutions deployed in SMB firms
  • See the benefits of automating your finance function through RPA
  • Understand considerations an SMB must factor in to deploy RPA in a strategic and efficient manner

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