Microsoft Dynamics 365 contract manufacturing solutions

With proven success implementing Dynamics 365 solutions across a variety of segments within the life sciences industry, RSM consultants leverage their deep industry experience and technical skills to provide contract manufacturers with improved functionality designed to optimize manufacturing and supply chain processes and operations, facilitating regulatory compliance, and improving data capture and management across the enterprise—all in an industry-focused solution built on the powerful, proven Dynamics 365 platform.

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Industry-recognized specialists deliver powerful solutions to contract manufacturers

While contract manufacturers have enjoyed a profitable marketplace in the recent past, with growth rates outpacing those of other segments within the industry, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has also grown, contributing substantially to market consolidation. While strong growth remains predicted for some time, contract manufacturers pursuing strong and sustainable growth and profitability will continue to need additional ways to provide value—underscoring the need to invest in industry-tailored technologies capable of driving operations forward through process alignment and optimization, and through automated, supply chain-wide visibility—precisely the types of initiatives RSM’s Dynamics 365 solution for life sciences is designed to support.

RSM understands challenges and business drivers for contracting manufacturers

RSM’s Dynamics 365 consultants have years of experience implementing Dynamics 365 solutions for life sciences companies around the globe, a background that uniquely prepares them for delivering industry-specific software solutions to contract manufacturers that give them the capabilities they need to optimize operational efficiencies, achieve regulatory compliance and control costs, with functionality that enables them to: 

  • Capture and manage contract-related data: Boost profitability by easily accessing and reviewing every aspect of their budgets, margins and schedule impacts before the work proceeds. Calculate actual batch costs to determine customer and contract profitability, and invoice accurately with support for parameters, including time and material, percent complete, milestones, minimum batch size and changeover fees. Easily record pending agreements to monitor progress throughout the bidding and negotiation contract phases.
  • Enable real-time visibility across the enterprise: Gain a deeper view into accurate operational data to fully understand business costs, efficiently manage contracts and drive the level of transparency needed to comply with FDA-regulated Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards for product safety and operational efficiency.
  • Streamline contract management: Configure contracts to match with their corresponding client agreements, with data streamlined across the enterprise for maximum transparency and ease of access and use. Link various contract component types—such as time and material, percent complete, production suite time, changeovers and minimum batch fees—directly into integrated billing, production and costing systems for automated management and control.
  • Streamline subcontractor management: Share production, inventory, quality and shipping data with customers down to the shop floor. Streamline order approval and tracking with the ability to easily view, trace and approve orders to optimize project cash flow, and keep new projects moving forward to shorten the time between development and production.

Experienced and skilled in delivering technology solutions that help contract manufacturers automate, streamline and simplify critical operations and performance across the enterprise, RSM consultants are uniquely qualified to help these clients address business drivers and industry challenges with the robust functionality of Dynamics 365-based, end-to-end solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements around quality, performance, compliance and service.

RSM delivers industry-focused Dynamics 365 functionality to contract manufacturers

With tools designed to help contract manufacturers manage in-house process control while remaining responsive to industry-specific challenges and regulatory requirements, RSM’s Dynamics 365-based solution for life sciences provides the comprehensive, unified platform required to allow clients to leverage such features as: 

  • Automated billing: Linking processes and information with accounting systems to manage and automate subcontractor payments subject to retention percentages, obligations or entitlements, users can recognize improved contract and project system flexibility and accuracy.
  • Out-of-the-box portals: Working within a controlled, secure environment, users can place orders, and view a near real-time status of production, quality, inventory, consigned materials and batch records for consolidated functionality that can help reduce or eliminate challenges around contract complexity.
  • Batch scalability and cost calculation: Satisfying validation and change control requirements, users can more easily scale clinical batches to commercial quantities, reducing room for error and speeding the change process. Eliminating the need for paper-based batch records susceptible to human error, users can automatically calculate actual batch costs to determine customer and contract profitability.  

With years of experience in life sciences, RSM’s best-in-class technical consulting team is uniquely qualified to help contract manufacturing clients achieve the operational performance and efficiencies they require to differentiate themselves from the competition—all with an industry-specific, Dynamics 365-based, end-to-end solution that brings connection, visibility and maximum profitability into every facet of the business.

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