Leveraging technology to enhance profitability and contract performance

Mar 16, 2023
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Operating in the life sciences industry can bring a variety of challenges around the visibility and management of chargebacks, rebates, fees, accruals, returns and gross-to-net. However, life sciences companies can leverage emerging technology applications to address these challenges and take operational efficiency and profit protection to the next level.

As a leading provider of contract management services in the life sciences industry, RSM has developed a revenue contract management (RCM) solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The RCM application pulls data from multiple external solutions, consolidates it into the Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management system, and provides advanced analytics capabilities.

Pre and post deal financial scenario modeling

Competitive market share analysis

Price action

  • Entering known variables and assumptions and estimations in order to build a best case scenario and a worst-case scenario. Using those scenarios to determine contract and pricing parameters.
  • Tracking actual results against your models in order to adjust forecasts.

Utilizing market data to provide insight on new and current products.

Tracking and measuring customer price adjustments, frequency and effect.

Shelf stock adjustment impact

New product entrance alerts

Gross to net mix modeling

Predicting/estimating SSAs using channel data. Tracking estimates vs. actual.

Utilizing market data to provide new product entrances based on user specified criteria

Analyzing client data to provide insight on GTN reporting.

The Features of RSM’s Revenue Contract Management with Power Analytics
The Features of RSM’s Revenue Contract Management with Power Analytics

The RCM application increases the transparency of your market and product data, enhancing your ability to react to market dynamics to optimize pricing.

Why work with RSM?

We built our life sciences practice with a clear understanding of the challenges in a demanding market.  From preclinical through commercialization, RSM works with clients throughout their business journey.

In addition, our industry advisors have proven experience delivering Microsoft technology solutions to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Through our longstanding partnership with Microsoft, RSM combines the most innovative technologies with our up-to-date industry knowledge to help life sciences companies achieve operational efficiency.

RSM has implemented Microsoft applications for more than 35 years, with over 950 consultants serving more than 2,000 clients across the United States. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, RSM is the trusted advisor to middle market companies for the evaluation, selection, implementation and support of their Microsoft investment. We have more than 100 offices across North America and a global network of certified professionals with deep experience in Microsoft solutions.

Whether you are raising capital, addressing pricing pressures or prioritizing development efforts, RSM’s life sciences practice helps you meet your business challenges head-on.

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