Specialty solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When you choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and RSM, you are getting a lot more than a world-class customer relationship management solution, the deep industry knowledge and experience of RSM consultants, and SmartStart implementation. RSM has developed unique way to extend the Dynamics CRM platform to provide more capabilities, more conveniences, and more benefit for your organization and its customers.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful, general-purpose CRM system with all the functionality that most companies and organizations expect from a first-class CRM package. But in order to take full advantage of any general-purpose system, including Dynamics CRM, the user must tailor the functionality using tools provided to make it better fit the organization's specific needs. This is all part of the implementation process.

RSM takes this personalization process a giant step further with Accelerators, a package of products and services that takes basic personalization to a new level of adaptation for better results in your specific industry and market. And it doesn’t stop there. Accelerators also contain additional software that extends Dynamics CRM to provide additional functionality, all in the same bundle.

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CRM as a development platform

Built-in functions and capabilities within CRM are focused on contacts, activities and account management. These powerful tools can be extended to help manage additional aspects of the relationship, products and services for an additional benefit for both the supplier and the customer. We call this extension xRM, where the x can refer to these additional areas of support.

xRM enables your organization to track additional layers of information associated with the customer relationship that were not necessarily built into CRM. For example, for a health care company, functionality could be added to track medications that a patient is taking, with multiple levels of data, such as the dosage, the pharmacy utilized, how many refills remain and when the prescription expires. This is not information traditionally collected within CRM, but it’s easy to see how the CRM structure can be adapted to track this valuable data.