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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Get READY for the long-awaited Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013! With an expected release date in Q4 of 2012, Microsoft's GP 2013 is definitely a Game Changer in the mid-market offering on-going Value and Innovation to customers. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, your organization will have several advantages in the marketplace:

Become connected and forward looking - The Business Analyzer feature provides the ability for users to track key performance indicators, opportunities, and delegate tasks right from the Dynamics GP home page. The new Web client feature allows employees to connect to Dynamics GP from their PC or mobile device.

Get positioned on a platform for growth - With the seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office, you can align your ERP, CRM and productivity solutions on a single, powerful platform, driving total integration and connectivity across your business. Streamline IT functions by centralizing maintenance, security and administrative tasks on the server in a multitenant environment, eliminating individual desktop updates and the need to maintain Terminal Services deployments.

Drive efficiency up while you drive down costs – With so many enhanced features in System, Financials, Distribution and Payroll and HR, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 simplifies your day-to-day operations increasing productivity and reducing overall costs to your business.

Some of the new features of GP2013 include:


  • Database Multi-tenancy (named system database)
  • Application Multi-tenancy
  • Report deployment and retrieval for multi-tenant
  • Multi-tenant applications - tenant service
  • Multi-tenant Integration Manager
  • Multi-tenant web service
  • Home page changes
  • General Journal batch history
  • Select printer at time of print
  • Support for http:// in Report Destination form
  • Ability to print SSRS Reports from forms
  • Excel export using open XML
  • Enhance the AltMod windows with a mark all or unmark all functionality

General ledger

  • Journal Entry inquiry for history
  • Reconcile Bank Reconciliation
  • Reconcile Inventory
  • Year-End close options
  • Currency Translation Average Exchange Rate calculation

Fixed assets

  • Historical Depreciation reports
  • Reset history in detail
  • Restrict displaying Reset Transactions
  • Lock Fixed Assets year
  • Process progress bars
  • Mass depreciation deversal
  • Independent Fixed Assets calendars
  • Define short or long calendar years
  • Autogenerate next asset ID
  • Intercompany asset at Transfer
  • Fixed Assets batches
  • Post in detail to General Ledger
  • Analytical Accounting integration with Fixed Assets
  • Documentation updates for MACRS

Other financials

  • eReconcile
    • Add BAI format support
  • Encumbrance Management
    • Integrate Encumbrance with GL journal entry
    • Assign multiple GL budgets for Encumbrance validation
    • Receipt cost difference notification

Payables management

  • Void of check returns applied credit documents
  • Vendor's credit card invoice automatically voided when credit card payment voided
  • Settlement date added for EFT payment
  • EFT length and delimitation options
  • Edit payables transactions:
    • Remit to address
    • 1099 Information
  • PM reprint checks and remit forms
  • Added a 1096 form

Receivables management

  • PM reprint checks and remit forms
  • Added a 1096 form
  • Ability to rename the User Defined fields on the customer address
  • Multi-currency apply in cash entry
  • Ability to email RM statements using Word templates
  • Ability to save the default sort order for customer (and vendor) lookups

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch Portal on CustomerSource and the Feature of the Day blog to get more detailed information on the new features!