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How do you keep all of those purchases straight

Many companies are faced with the challenge of managing and tracking purchase requests and expenditure approvals throughout an organization. Often times the requests are made via email or hardcopy and have to be routed to one or more individuals based on authorization levels before finally getting to accounting and purchasing to complete the transaction. The manual handling of these requests can impact production and delay critical activities. In addition it is very difficult for the requesting party to see the status of the request or review historical requests if they do not have access to the accounting system.

Microsoft SharePoint® is a great way to leverage investments made in your Microsoft platform by automating and tracking requests. SharePoint can be configured to generate a purchase request by any authorized user electronically. By utilizing the workflow capabilities within SharePoint, approvals can be routed based on user defined rules such as manager level, dollar amount, or department. By automating the approval process, all authorized users can view the status of a request. Once the request has been approved with the standard MS integration toolset, the purchase order can be automatically generated in Dynamics GP.

By taking advantage of SharePoint you can get rid of paper, electronically manage the approval history, automate the posting process, provide your users the capability to create, and track and view purchase requests from a single application.