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RSM’s digital marketing consultants deliver the power of being understood by developing a deep understanding of your business and how digital marketing channels can improve your bottom line. Our return on investment (ROI) driven approach ensures that you get the most benefit from your digital marketing expenditures.

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We provide strategic and tactical consulting in the following digital marketing disciplines:

Search engine optimization

Organic search traffic is a cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy, but it can be very difficult to obtain high visibility in search engines like Google and Bing. Our consultants have extensive enterprise-level search engine optimization experience, and can help you develop the strategies you need to succeed in your organic search. We begin by assessing your digital marketing goals, and how they fit within the context of your business. Then, we perform a technical SEO audit to identify issues and opportunities. Finally, we help you implement on-page and off-page SEO strategies to boost your visibility in search engine results.

Paid search

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can deliver faster results in search engine marketing (SEM). However, the complexity of the search ad platform and auctions can make PPC management a daunting and time-consuming task. Our consultants have the experience you need to get the most out of your Google Ads and Bing Ads advertising. We can find efficiencies in your account that can reduce wasted spend and improve ROI, and we can develop new strategies to help you acquire new customers at your target cost per acquisition.

Conversion rate optimization

Getting more traffic to your site is good. But if your new traffic doesn’t convert, it has little value. RSM’s digital marketing consultants can review your site and research the customer journey of your target audience to determine the right web design strategies that will increase your conversion rate. We bring years of extensive user-experience design knowledge to each consulting engagement, and have a proven track record of success in improving our clients’ conversion rates.

Analytics and tag management setup

A successful digital marketing engagement begins with accurate analytics. Our experienced consultants will audit your existing setup in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics and ensure you are accurately tracking the metrics that matter the most. We can also assist with analytics tag management tools like Google Tag Manager, to help you manage the events, conversions and third-party scripts that are the core of your digital strategy.

Amazon SEO and Amazon sponsored products

Nearly one-half of all e-commerce product searches begin on Amazon. This platform has become a critical channel for anyone who sells goods online. Whether you’re interested in setting up an automated product feed, boosting the organic visibility of your Amazon product listings or looking to make your advertising spend more efficient on Sponsored Products, our consultants can help. We have extensive knowledge in both launching new Amazon stores, and in improving the results of sellers that are already established on the Amazon platform.

Facebook and Instagram ads

Social media advertising is a very valuable marketing channel for many advertisers, as it allows for the most specific customer targeting and reaches your audience where they already are. Facebook and Instagram ads are often the most productive platforms due to their audience reach and demographic targeting. Navigating the complexities of social media ads can be a difficult undertaking. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you define your social media ad targeting to match your ideal customer, produce ad creative that gets results, and manage your ad spend so that you maximize your ROI.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads are a great choice for advertisers targeting a business-focused audience, with their specific targeting that can help you reach influencers and decision-makers. The RSM digital marketing team can help you choose the right demographic targeting to connect you with highly-qualified business-to-business prospects, and create ads that get results.

Digital marketing strategy

Our experienced consultants can help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilizes all of your digital channels, amplifying your results. We don’t just focus on the small details. We give you the big-picture strategies to leverage how your digital marketing channels interact with one another and help you measure the results as customers travel through multiple acquisition channels before the conversion.

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