Data analytics and the transformation imperative

Understanding the role of digital across the organization

May 14, 2022

Key takeaways

Data analytics continues to rank as most important technology in driving growth

The shortage of skilled labor has been the main barrier to growth over the past 18 months 

Most companies have already implemented or plan to implement new technologies to improve their tax/accounting processes

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Survey reveals how corporate boards view the digital imperative

RSM US LLP and Corporate Board Member surveyed over 200 executives about the importance of digital innovation and strategies. The results are analyzed in the Transformation Imperative report, which offers a detailed look at the challenges and opportunities of embracing digital solutions.

According to the survey, a majority of board members say that of all the technological capabilities available today, the most important to their organization is data analytics. Surveyed directors say that their organizations have increased the use of data to inform strategy, and most say that their company’s efforts to collect customer data has accelerated over the past two years.

The Transformation Imperative report discusses how data analytics can offer direct insight into what concepts are working and which are lacking—crucial information for any successful organization. For companies seeking to innovate, the use of data analytics can reveal whether an idea should be advanced or abandoned.

To find out more about how companies are embracing data analytics, and to learn about other vital aspects of the digital imperative, download the full report.

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