Data Analytics Consulting

Leveraging data to drive your business objectives

In today’s marketplace, gaining a deeper perspective on your data is critical for developing a foundation that effectively guides the direction of your business. From understanding customer preferences and employee satisfaction drivers to outlining product demand patterns, middle market organizations now have access to advanced data tools and concepts that were previously available only to larger organizations.   

RSM’s analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions help you achieve a host of targeted business outcomes, including increasing profitability, enabling data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency and managing risk. With our extensive work across a host of industries, we understand the insights you need to gain from your volumes of data. The services our experienced team offers include:

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Our methodology

Our experienced advisors have developed a comprehensive analytics and AI methodology that can build a pipeline of usable data that keeps your business moving forward. Our approach includes a strong foundation of technology enablement, strategic advice and risk management. The technology enables all of your necessary processes to happen, strategic advice helps you find value in data and effective risk management builds trust in your data.


Our industry focus

The RSM team has significant experience with leading successful data initiatives across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, transportation, technology, biotech and pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, insurance, retail, food and beverage, real estate and construction, hospitals and health systems and nonprofits. Many of our advisors have an industry background; through that experience, we understand your specific data needs and how they drive and support your business objectives.