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Data-driven insights built on a solid data governance strategy

Across the board, your organization needs reliable, current, consistent data to provide the business intelligence (BI) you need to compete. This journey has many roadblocks. Do you recognize these in your own organization?

  • Manual processes
  • Inaccurate/inconsistent aggregated shared data
  • Systems that don’t talk to each other
  • No single source of reporting truth
  • Frustrations with latency in turnaround time to provide key insights
  • Reliance on IT for reporting
  • Inadequate insights
  • Minimal to no executive dashboards
  • An inability to implement key performance indicators (KPIs) and/or key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Users who may not know how to use the tools they have

To become the data-driven organization you want to be, you need take a more enterprise-level approach, one that addresses everything from data governance strategy to data centralization and self-service capabilities. You need to home in on the end goal—actionable insights. Ask yourself, what will you do once you receive this information? What will this affect, and do you have your organization and your customers/constituents in mind? How will this move the needle?  

Understanding these needs is why we start with the end in mind.

Our goal is to provide BI consulting services that generate timely, accurate, trusted information in a more organized and more automated fashion. These solutions give your people the ability to interact with and analyze your data so they can quickly come to the decisions needed to move forward with your strategic vision and mission. They also shift the paradigm from what was 20% analysis and 80% formatting/data modeling to true analytics and informed decision-making 80% of the time.  

Business intelligence (BI)

RSM’s BI team specializes in both helping organizations understand their BI needs to support their long-term strategic goals and implementing BI solutions. BI refers to the information, tool and technology required to enhance decision making. It can be boiled down to three main concepts — integrating data into a usable format, the ability to consume the data easily and managing the data as an enterprise asset. 

Business intelligence

Why are our BI consulting services different?

RSM understands the importance of bringing the power of our entire firm to you, while seeking to understand your mission and vision and how a data-driven business strategy can help you reach your goals. BI is more than reporting and dashboards. It’s a cultural and operational shift that allows your organization to stay ahead of your competitors and grow. It addresses not only how your teams behave but the processes they adopt. 

While you may need a data and reporting BI solution, you’ll likely require other services to achieve your goal. RSM provides services that cross every area of your organization. We have experienced industry, technology and service professionals whose skill sets range from tax and audit to risk analysis and risk management. When you work with us, you’re not just working with our data and digital services team—you’ve also got the power and experience of our 17,000-person-strong global firm.  

We cover data and AI strategy, data and reporting governance, and your business intelligence services needs:

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