Benefits to organizations

  • Make the most of every interaction with your members, constituents and customers. Recognize VIPs, congratulate achievements, seize opportunities and remember unpaid balances.
  • Turn strategy into execution. Alert staff to what is most important and tune the message as priorities shift.
  • Empower staff to build relationships. Your iMIS database holds a wealth of knowledge about your members, constituents and customers. Customer Service Alerts help your staff tap into this institutional memory.

Features for users

  • Stays open while you work.
  • See important information from iMIS without having to dig for it.
  • When you see a problem, CSA can let you take corrective action with one click.

Features for administrators

  • CSA can alert on any information stored in your iMIS database — even data in tables iMIS doesn't know about, or in other databases.
  • Unlimited Alert rules.
  • Extend Alerts with Actions, to perform automation at the touch of a button.
  • Integrates with TaskCentre. Use CSA to enqueue a task for the currently displayed record.

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