Enterprise Nexus Solutions

Comprehensive state nexus reviews

Understand and mitigate your nexus risk on a state-by-state basis.

There are state and local tax implications to consider when your business expands into new locations and markets or develops new products and services. The very activities that generate profits and build market share can often increase your state and local tax exposure. Understanding your nexus footprint and properly fulfilling your compliance obligations are important to your overall financial and tax planning success. A state tax analysis through RSM’s Enterprise Nexus Solutions offers the ability to survey your business operations, compare them to the latest nexus standards applied by the states, and identify risks to and opportunities for your business.

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An Enterprise Nexus Solutions state tax analysis can provide your company with a detailed review of nexus exposure in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. RSM’s proprietary tool can identify the locations in which you have income tax, non-income tax, or sales and use tax nexus. Our state and local tax professionals then provide recommendations for the actions your business should take to improve compliance and mitigate the risk of overpayment or underpayment.

An RSM Enterprise Nexus Solutions analysis provides:

  • Income tax, non-income tax and sales and use tax analyses
  • Risk assessments for a selected tax year 2009-2016 (multiple-year assessments may be added)
  • A comprehensive, management-ready report on nexus exposure
  • Custom compliance and planning recommendations 

Change requires change

Most companies should consider an annual nexus review to account for the myriad of external factors that impact state and local taxes. It can also be valuable to conduct an Enterprise Nexus Solutions analysis more frequently if your business has recently:

  • Expanded or contracted operations
  • Engaged in acquisitions, dispositions or restructurings
  • Entered into new lines of business
  • Closed old lines of business
  • Modified sales force activities

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