Global Employer Services

Today, more than ever, companies competing in the global marketplace need tax solutions that not only comply with local laws and regulations, but are also innovative, flexible and cost effective.

Our Global Employer Services (GES) practice helps global companies plan, implement and successfully manage international assignment programs. Our team of experts is dedicated to addressing your needs while partnering with both global mobility program leaders and individual assignees to deliver proactive, personalized tax services.

With access to more than 41,000 people in 120 countries through RSM International, we are well-positioned to assist you in managing your global mobility program, while ensuring that all global tax obligations are met in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We provide a range of global mobility tax services - from the basic to the strategic - that meet your company's needs on two levels:

1. SATISFIED ASSIGNEES: We provide individual assignees with tax preparation and planning services throughout their international assignments - from the planning stages to repatriation.

2. SUCCESSFUL ASSIGNMENT PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: GES will plan, manage and administer your international assignment program - from its inception through any applicable changes which may be necessary to keep your program competitive in the marketplace, up-to-date with global tax issues, and in sync with your organization or vision.

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Services for your international assignees:

Preparation of home-country and host-country individual income tax returns for your expatriate, foreign-national, and third-country national assignees.

  • Pre-assignment consultation with the assignee to discuss the home-country tax implications of his/her assignment.
  • Post-arrival consultation with the assignee to discuss the host-country tax implications of his/her assignment.
  • Pre-assignment and post-arrival seminars to discuss the home-country or host-country tax implications of a group of employees' assignment to or from a specific location.
  • Calculation of individual estimated actual and/or hypothetical tax liabilities, and net take-home pay.
  • Preparation of tax equalization, tax protection, tax reconciliation, and tax gross-up calculations.
  • Preparation of individual withholding forms in the home and host countries.
  • Assistance with respect to obtaining individual taxpayer identification numbers in the host country.
  • Correspondence with tax authorities regarding tax audits and tax notices.
  • Customized global tax planning.

Global mobility management services:

  • Global income tax and social tax planning to minimize the excess tax costs associated with each assignment.
  • Assistance with obtaining certificates of coverage with respect to social taxes.
  • Global tax planning with respect to repatriation.
  • Assistance with international compensation tracking and reporting, including year-end payroll reconciliation.
  • Assistance with international compensation and benefits reporting and withholding requirements.
  • Assistance with respect to the development and review of international assignment policies.
  • Designing (or review) of tax equalization policies and assistance with implementation.
  • Analyzing, reviewing, and/or assisting in the determination of your company's global tax filing positions.
  • Calculation of assignment cost, including home and host-country tax costs, for corporate budgeting purposes.
  • Updating assignment program leaders on the status of compliance with respect to their assignee population.
  • Conducting assignee surveys to measure the level of satisfaction with respect to IAS tax services, and communicating the results to assignment program leaders.
  • Central coordination of all global mobility services delivered to your organization throughout the world.