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Innovative manufacturing company secures $400K training grant


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For a manufacturer of innovative footwear and apparel, keeping employees on the cutting edge of the best manufacturing technologies is vital to the company’s success. Continuously providing the best products to their customers requires significant and ongoing investments in employee training. The company recently made a significant investment in new technologies and associated training in California and was looking for incentive programs to help offset some of those training costs.


The client sought to identify potential incentive programs to help offset training costs. With a number of programs to choose from, RSM was able to provide guidance on the program best tailored to the client’s need. In this case, it was the California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP), a state program that provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training. 

Our role

The ETP program provides direct grants to fund employee training, but the application process is competitive and many employers are unfamiliar with the program, or they have difficulty submitting an effective application. We worked with the client to gain a solid understanding of their proposed training program and helped them develop an application that clearly identified:

  • How many workers would be trained
  • The type of training the company would provide
  • Why the training was necessary and how it would improve the company’s ability to serve its clients, thus making California’s workforce more competitive


By gaining a thorough understanding of the company’s training initiative and helping them craft an application that effectively communicated the benefits of that training program, RSM was able to help the client secure a $400,000 cash grant through the ETP program, offsetting a large portion of the cost of the training program.

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