Excise taxes and credits

Opportunities and risk management for excise taxes and credits

Middle market companies like yours are especially affected by excise taxes, no matter what your industry. A broad range of products and services often fall under the diverse categories taxed by both federal and state governments. Each tax has unique rules, regulations and compliance procedures that come with costs, risks and opportunities. The taxes and credits affecting your company may include:

  • Motor fuel tax and credits
  • Heavy trucks and trailers taxes
  • Clean fuels credits
  • Manufacturers taxes (tires, sporting goods and firearms, etc.)
  • Heavy-vehicle highway use tax
  • Air transportation taxes
  • Superfund taxes
  • Environmental taxes
  • Foreign insurance excise tax
  • Wagering excise tax
  • Affordable Care Act provisions
  • Communications excise taxes
  • Excise taxes administered by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

While this array may appear overwhelming, RSM US LLP’s energy and excise practice has extensive experience with tax compliance consulting and technology automation and can help you manage the compliance function for accurate and timely tax payments.

Companies work with RSM on the following challenges stemming from excise taxes administered by the IRS, TTB, and state and local governments:

  • Planning
  • Compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation and automation of excise tax filings
  • Form 720
  • Controversy representation in IRS examinations and disputes

Your excise tax and credit profile is unique, so you need a first-choice advisor to evaluate your opportunities and risks as part of a holistic approach to your tax matters. We are here to guide you and your business on all the challenges excise taxes can bring. Learn more.

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