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Whatever the industry, middle market companies like yours are especially affected by excise taxes. A broad range of products and services often fall under the diverse categories taxed by both federal and state governments. Each tax has unique rules, regulations and compliance procedures. While the various taxes may seem difficult to manage, our dedicated specialists have extensive experience with tax compliance consulting and technology matters and can offer a measure of assurance your taxes are remitted properly and completely. 

Your RSM team advises companies on all excise tax codes, including:

  • Manufacturers taxes including petroleum products and motor fuel, tires, sporting goods and firearms
  • Retail taxes including alternative fuels, ethanol, biodiesel, heavy trucks and trailers
  • Air transportation taxes for passengers and property
  • Environmental taxes such as ozone-depleting chemicals, oil spills
  • Heavy-vehicle highway use tax
  • Foreign insurance excise tax
  • Wagering excise tax
  • Affordable Care Act provisions
  • Communications excise taxes
  • Fuel credits
  • Excise taxes administered by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

Your RSM team can advise you on the complexities of excise taxes administered by the IRS, TTB and state and local governments. Not only can we assist in excise tax consultation, planning, due diligence and compliance, we also handle IRS and TTB audits and disputes as well as provide technical tax trainings to clients. Our excise tax compliance practice can handle your state and local excise tax filings while our excise tax technology services can automate your data and streamline high-volume filing burdens through tax automation and system implementations. 

Our goal is to be your first-choice advisor by bringing our experts to team with you to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to your tax matters. We will evaluate opportunities and areas of risk to provide you with a clear assessment based on your particular situation. 

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In the shift away from fossil fuels to green and renewable energy, manufacturing companies should stay up to date on policies and opportunities touching their business. Our team can help ensure you understand you navigate the complexities.

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