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Co-sourcing and the corporate tax function: Getting it right


We are frequently called in to meet with companies that are looking to outsource or co-source their tax function. For many, the decision to take that approach has already been made and the company is simply evaluating providers, looking for the right fit. In our experience, the right fit is highly dependent on the reasons your business is considering a co-sourced tax solution in the first place.

Gretchen Valentine and Tom Ording, two regional leaders in our corporate tax office practice, recently sat down to talk through the questions that companies need to consider before deciding to co-source the tax function. Here's the video:

What does your tax team really do? Do you expect co-sourcing to be more cost effective? How will you know when co-sourcing is working well? Take a moment to answer these questions and share that conversation with your current or potential co-sourcing provider. You may be surprised at how your definition of the right co-sourcing solution shifts.

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Elizabeth Sponsel


Elizabeth leads the firm's corporate tax office specialty practice with a focus on technology-enabled tax compliance. Reach her at elizabeth.sponsel@rsmus.com

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