Advanced Technology Strategy and Advisory

Implementing the right innovations for your business needs

Technology advances quickly, and some applications can truly transform key business functions. However, middle market companies sometimes lack the internal knowledge and experience to identify which solutions align best with organizational goals and processes. Leveraging an asset that works directly with new solutions day in and day out and constantly reviews emerging technology can help you understand what’s relevant to your business.

Hiring a data scientist and developing custom applications simply isn’t pragmatic for the majority of middle market companies. The rapid maturation and productization of advanced technologies has removed this requirement for the middle market. Having an advisor to guide you through these new product capabilities will help minimize risk and time.

The RSM team is focused on analyzing innovations to determine which solutions can bring the most value to middle market companies in all industries. We can help you understand what is realistic for your business, and what’s not. Our consultants have extensive experience with a wealth of advanced technologies, and can help you develop a strategy and leverage the capabilities of platforms, including the ones listed below:

How can we help you?

Process intelligence

While business intelligence tools provide insight into the overall health of the business, process intelligence solutions provide that level of insight into your processes, from operations to finance and human resources (HR). We help you build a platform that provides a stronger understanding of how people and processes are working, so you can quickly zero in on areas for optimization and drive value within the organization. This capability can also be used to monitor your process efficiency and controls compliance on an on-going basis.

Digital process automation

These tools provide the ability to automate manual processes through a workflow in a rapid model and an integrated manner. We can leverage advanced low-code solutions to rapidly develop a unified solution that can automate processes and integrate with data anywhere, while providing strong speed-to-value, with a highly tailored, structured process in a short amount of time.

Artificial intelligence

AI is a popular term in the middle market, representing an umbrella of technologies that provide automated, human-like engagement to execute tasks and functions. AI solutions are not intended to take over jobs and processes; rather, they are built to enhance human capabilities for analysis and decision-making. We help you evaluate potential solutions that can provide the most efficiency and value for your business through practical solutions.

In addition, we can advise you on several additional emerging solutions, including machine learning, chatbots, process mining and contract data extraction. Our team is always evaluating what technology is in development and on the verge of coming on the scene, and determining how it can strengthen your business.

We provide visibility into advanced technology that your internal resources may not always have exposure to and we utilize our experience with peers in your industry and translate it to your environment. With this insight, we help you integrate the right technology to optimize your operations and get the most value from your technology investments. 

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