System and Organization Control  (SOC) Readiness Audit

SOC readiness reviews highlight control deficiencies while there’s still time to remediate them.

A SOC readiness review is the most efficient way to prepare for your formal SOC attestation engagement. By identifying potential deficiencies early, you’ll have the time to remediate them, put enhanced controls in operation and test the new controls long before a report is issued.

Our readiness reviews provide assistance and guidance regarding the actions necessary for a successful SOC engagement. They also greatly increase the likelihood your SOC report accurately reflects the controls and operations you want to provide to your users.

RSM offers various readiness review options, including:

A high-level, diagnostic readiness review of general computer and business process controls. This macro-level view helps you focus your remediation efforts in the right areas prior to your formal SOC engagement.

A complete readiness review provides practical, detailed recommendations that help management establish priorities and develop a road map for procedures, control objectives or criteria, controls and documentation that should be in place before your formal SOC engagement. This type of review can also include developing your SOC report template for your future attestation report. You are also provided with exhibits that support our findings and recommendations.

Who benefits from our SOC reviews?

SOC readiness reviews may be most helpful to organizations preparing for their first SOC attestation engagement or transitioning from one SOC report to another (i.e., SOC 1 to SOC 2). However, organizations that have gone through the SOC process before often choose to take advantage of a preliminary review to identify potential high-risk areas that may have surfaced since their last SOC engagement. A follow-up review can also result in greater efficiencies during the next formal SOC engagement.

Don’t be surprised by your auditor’s SOC report findings. For more information about RSM’s readiness reviews, contact us today.

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