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Are you confident in the strength of your cybersecurity environment and controls?

Confirming the status and strength of your cybersecurity controls and environment is critical to understanding any vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement. Penetration testing, or pen-testing simulates the actions of a real-world attacker to identify weaknesses by attempting to compromise a network (internal or external), application or technology system. The goal is to identify, manage and remediate vulnerabilities before a threat actor could exploit them to compromise your organization’s network.

Periodic penetration testing on a quarterly or annual basis has evolved into a best practice for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, but it is also a regulatory requirement for many industries. During the engagement, RSM consultants note any vulnerabilities identified and exploited, and assign a rating of risk rating that categorizes the exposure by the level of risk posed to your environment. We share the findings with your team so you can begin addressing any security gaps, from adjusting controls and patching systems to making system upgrades.

How secure are your passwords?


of successful breaches are password related


a result of guessing a weak password


related to a specific attack involving cracking target accounts
(“brute forcing” passwords)

How can we help protect you?

RSM’s cyber testing team performs hundreds of offensive security assessments each year, and we are able to test every facet of your company’s attack surface.

Our advisors have extensive experience delivering web and mobile application security testing, penetration tests of corporate and industrial control system networks, and physical security and social engineering assessments.

We approach each assessment from an attacker’s viewpoint, identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in order to demonstrate the potential consequences of security inaction.

Special report

2023 Middle Market Business Index Cybersecurity

Our latest report finds the middle market remaining a primary target for attacks as the threat environment has evolved over time.

What types of penetration tests are available?

The experienced RSM cybersecurity testing team holds various industry certifications and provides a breadth of penetration testing options to help keep your data and systems secure. Available options include:

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