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Loan review resources to increase your team’s performance

Identifying and addressing credit risk requires more effort than ever, and financial institutions must ensure they establish and follow internal credit risk rating policies while aligning with evolving regulatory standards and economic pressures. 

However, many financial institutions experience challenges with establishing appropriate staffing levels and having sufficiently experienced personnel to effectively perform credit review internally.

How can we help you?

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RSM US LLP’s experienced credit risk professionals provide a full suite of credit risk-related services, including outsourced and co-sourced credit review services, reviews of credit administration processes and controls, and other customized service offerings to meet the evolving needs of our financial institution clients. Our solutions are designed and executed by a qualified and diverse team—including former regulators, credit analysts, lenders, chief credit officers and CPAs—that understands the unique credit risk issues your financial institution faces.   

Our comprehensive credit review methodology is tailored to meet the unique needs of your institution, regardless of the size and complexity of your loan portfolio and individual loan transactions. Additionally, our advanced Credit Review Assistant technology solution is integral within each credit review engagement, aligning with your credit risk review framework to increase efficiency, reduce time-consuming manual tasks and provide consistency for each review completed. This approach empowers our professionals to provide insight into credit risk within your portfolio allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your risk level.

RSM helps hundreds of financial institutions each year develop a cost-effective approach to credit review outsourcing and co-sourcing, with more focused and experienced resources than typically available in-house. We understand your regulatory and procedural demands and can bring significant efficiencies and value to your processes, creating a sustainable credit review solution. Let our passionate, experienced credit risk team develop customized solutions that generate value for you.

Providing value throughout the credit review process

Dedicated professionals

Our national credit review practice is comprised of a team of dedicated RSM credit risk professionals. By leveraging the specific skills of our credit risk advisors, we ensure they are experienced with the unique loan types, structures and industry niches maintained by your financial institution.

Flexible, loan-level methodology

Our national credit review methodology takes a holistic approach, building from the ground up. Starting our reviews at the individual loan level and aggregating information for individual borrowers, and ultimately, borrowing relationships, allows our credit review professionals to truly understand the uniqueness of loan transactions and borrowers’ financial pictures. This, in turn, allows for more meaningful risk rating recommendations and supports the development of value-added credit-specific and institution-wide observations.

Extensive experience

Benefit from our experience gained from serving hundreds of financial institutions nationwide. Our team provides credit review solutions for institutions of varying size and complexity, from small community financial institutions to large regional, super-regional, national and international commercial financial institutions. Our clients have a wide variety of loan types and credit structures, including commercial real estate, commercial and industrial, leveraged lending, asset-based lending, and more.

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