Credit Risk Review

Credit Review Assistant. Your credit review process. Simplified.

Current economic and regulatory pressures make maintaining an effective credit risk management function a critical objective for all financial institutions. Despite the importance of a comprehensive credit review function within an effective credit risk management function, many financial institutions have difficulty carrying out these activities due to various operating and resource constraints including variable availability of personnel and time-consuming manual review and documentation processes.

RSM US LLP’s proprietary Credit Review Assistant module is built within our Auditor Assistant platform and designed to improve efficiency and consistency throughout the planning, execution and reporting phases of your financial institution’s credit review activities. It provides a consistent framework to evaluate individual loans, borrowers and relationships, which ultimately delivers valuable information on your financial institution’s credit risk profile.

Credit Review Assistant creates a uniform format for consistent evaluation and documentation of credit risk ratings, technical exceptions and other relevant credit risk metrics across a spectrum of loan types, structures and industry niches. Credit Review Assistant’s format and functionality is informed by RSM’s national credit review practice, which has significant experience providing outsourced and co-sourced credit review services to a broad range of financial institution clients.

The Credit Review Assistant platform will positively influence your credit review process by:

  • Improving credit review efficiency: Eliminate the need for manual data manipulation and management, creating a greater opportunity for teams to focus on the more valuable technical analysis required of a strong credit review function.
  • Offering real time visibility for management: Track project status, including completion and quality control review of individual line sheets.
  • Creating more thorough and consistent reviews through a loan-level approach: The format and flow of the tool mirrors the natural workflow your reviewers actually use working through a credit file, increasing consistency while retaining familiarity.
  • Increasing clarity and consistency of reporting: The tool provides you with the ability to generate comprehensive reporting at the touch of a button, clearly presenting findings and easy-to-understand results to key stakeholders.
  • Providing scalability: Credit Review Assistant is adaptable to meet your needs.

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Credit Review Assistant can be implemented quickly and effectively, allowing your organization to realize the benefits of a comprehensive credit review solution within weeks. Your implementation team will include one of RSM’s credit review professionals to help ensure the solution aligns with your needs. Our streamlined implementation process will help you:

  • Reduce implementation investment
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Customize the tool to work for your specific organizational needs

Credit Review Assistant is hosted by RSM Cloud Services, a full-service, SOC 2 Type II audited private cloud provider. RSM’s private cloud services meets the stringent industry standards by implementing detailed security protocols, including disaster recovery planning and annual third-party security inspections. The RSM data center is protected from intrusion and failure by multilayered security, fail-safe redundancy, diversity measures and rapid response recovery measures.

Credit Review Assistant provides users with the ability to view and edit Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Adobe® PDF files online with any changes saved back to associated workpapers. Teams can truly collaborate in real time to increase efficiency during documentation and review

We work hand in hand with your internal resources to assess credit risk issues. Our credit review methodology and Credit Review Assistant technology solution is intended to enhance, not replace (and is not a substitute for), your internal credit risk activities.  

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