Cash Flow Advisory Consulting

Managing cash flow and liquidity during COVID-19

Understanding needed cash flow is the first step in building a plan for today and tomorrow’s thriving operations. Many middle market businesses are facing these questions:

  • How do we maintain the business? 
  • Can we free up cash through cost reduction and access capital through bank loans, government stimulus or other means?
  • What are the terms, conditions and reporting needs for this additional capital?

With middle market companies looking for ways to sustain current operations or meet future business needs, understanding needed cash flow is the first step in building a plan for today and tomorrow’s thriving operations. You can leverage our cross-functional, technology-enabled team to deliver time-sensitive services based on your level of need and specific business situation, including:

Cash flow assessment: Technology-based self-directed cash flow calculator creates a customized cash flow model.

Cash flow needs: Consultative analysis of existing cash flow modeling and the model’s key drivers, underlying assumptions and overall infrastructure based on industry expertise and pandemic impacts.

Cash flow strategy: Financial advisory and direct cash flow model development through a rapid assessment of your overall strategy, business requirements, resources and constraints.

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We work with clients at any phase of the cash and liquidity planning process. Our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of clients both small and large. Contact us to learn more.

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