The board's role in digital transformation

Oct 17, 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic has provided boards of directors with meaningful opportunities to expand their organization’s digital footprint. RSM’s Bill Kracunas, principal and national leader of strategy and management consulting, recently discussed disruption and innovation with Jamie Tassa, publisher of Corporate Board Member magazine. 

In the effort to support their organization’s leadership on innovation, Bill offers boards the following suggestions: 

  • Trust the leadership in place to be creative and innovative with new solutions
  • Bring patience and open-mindedness to developing and testing new processes
  • Believe in and understand your organization’s data to help plan for future changes from your client base
  • Support your team in its approach to digital transformation
  • Rely on technology to help, not hinder, your progress

Listen to the full discussion below to hear what boards can do to help drive innovation within their organizations.

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