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Key issues and challenges facing the office of the general counsel

Insights to help navigate the legal community


The role of the general counsel is evolving to require more strategic leadership across the organization. Corporate counsels, now more than ever, are focused on driving business growth. However, this is no simple task. You are collaborating with your C-suite to address the most pressing challenges facing your organization. This requires knowledge and understanding of a variety of complex issues including risk and regulatory changes and enforcement, cyber and data security, compliance, litigation and growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

With the amount of responsibility you have on your plate, it is not feasible to be an expert on all of the legal, risk and compliance issues facing your organization. Working with RSM, we can deliver the knowledge and insights to help you make informed decisions and implement best practice programs to help manage your risk and address litigation, should it arise.

At RSM, we have worked with both in-house and external counsel on some of the most pressing issues facing complex organizations. We understand the challenges you are facing and work to address them with effective solutions. Below are additional insights and resources that we hope you will find useful to understand and navigate the critical issues that you face in today's business environment.