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The due diligence of hospitality


While every private real estate deal is different, one increasing commonality in the hospitality sector is that the window for due diligence is becoming smaller and smaller. Experts from Fulcrum Hospitality and RSM US discuss trends in due diligence.

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The hospitality sector is going to extraordinary lengths to target and attract millennials, but will those efforts succeed in the long term?

Hotel valuations tricky as price discovery remains depressed

What happens to the perception of hotel valuation and how does meaningful deal flow? RSM’s article for Hotel Executive explores the answer.

COVID-19 is accelerating the inevitable in hospitality

Lockdowns ground hospitality real estate deals to a near halt in 2020. RSM discusses these trends and opportunities with Preqin.

Hotel occupancy data: It’s only half the story

Given that the pandemic has forced closures of many U.S. hotels, occupancy rates are not providing the full picture of distress.


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