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The due diligence of hospitality


While every private real estate deal is different, one increasing commonality in the hospitality sector is that the window for due diligence is becoming smaller and smaller. Experts from Fulcrum Hospitality and RSM US discuss trends in due diligence.

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Five factors driving the hospitality sector

In this video series, leading professionals discuss the five key factors driving today's hospitality sector and fundamentals to look for.

Should hospitality target millennials?

The hospitality sector is going to extraordinary lengths to target and attract millennials, but will those efforts succeed in the long term?

National hotel chain finds value in outsourced fixed assets solution

Experience and focus on details helped a client gain efficiency, improve processes and realize millions in tax savings on fixed assets.

Gauging the fundamentals of hospitality

Operating fundamentals are key to profits in the hospitality sector, but recapitalizations may provide more transaction activity.


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