Cost Segregation Studies

Whether the goal is to reduce near-term federal and state income tax liabilities through accelerated depreciation or to properly document and manage assets over the lifetime of a facility, cost segregation provides the necessary detail and support.

Our cost segregation professionals include certified public accountants, registered professional engineers, architects and construction professionals who help quantify the physical components of real estate and identify their costs. In addition, the team provides assistance with dispute resolutions and gross maximum price reviews. With the recovery period for depreciating real property at 39 years, or 27.5 years for residential rental property, it is extremely important to identify any seven- and five-year depreciable personal property and 15-year depreciable land improvements included in buildings and facilities. Accelerated depreciation results in additional near-term write-offs and significant tax savings

With our industry experience and knowledge of the latest tax rulings, you will receive an accurate and thorough analysis of your capital costs, helping you to maximize the value from your capital investment.