Technology transformation

Organizations struggle with technology selection, integration or usage—or any combination of the three. Small changes to your technology investments and strategies can jumpstart your digital transformation and help optimize your operations.

Digital transformation and innovation: Positioning for now, positioning for the future

Digital transformation is not something that happens like the flip of a light switch. It’s also not necessarily a multi-year, disruptive, resource-intensive project. It starts with a mindset that business improvement can be incremental, that technology is the great tool for achieving that improvement and—as always—advice from smart professionals makes the task much smoother.

The promises of digital transformations—and the proof in numerous case studies—are universally appealing to businesses: better customer experience, more customers served, less time spent on essential-but-non-productive business management tasks, making better decisions with better data insights…the list goes on and on. So, why do companies and their decision-makers delay action? We see three common defenses:

  • We’re not ready. RSM can help you build a roadmap to get you ready, touching on what areas of your business can benefit most, what new technologies might be appropriate and what simple adjustments can produce a rapid payback.
  • Our infrastructure isn’t ready. RSM teams up with some of the brightest stars in infrastructure and networking such as Cisco, but it’s more than just putting the fastest network together. We plan, design and build for change and growth, make security and resilience a priority, and can take on as much or as little of the ongoing management of your infrastructure as you decide.
  • Our systems aren’t ready. RSM works with many of the strongest solution providers to middle market companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Sage and more. We implement, integrate, migrate and manage. We train. We customize and convert. We can manage everything or turn it over to you. We can preserve the best of what you have and combine it with the best of what’s out there.

We get you ready to succeed. We’re ready to help right now.

Digital transformation insights: What it is, what it does, why you should be considering it.

DT is not one idea, but many. It’s based on the premise that every business—from steel mill to coffee shop—could be a digital business. The path each business takes will be unique. The result—a thriving business in the digital economy—is universal.

Take a look at these examples of digital transformation services we’ve done for others.

No two digital transformation strategies are ever identical, but these examples can help you understand some of the projects our seasoned professionals can bring to your organization.

2023 RSM US MMBI Digital Transformation Special Report

The survey reveals that for company leaders, digital transformation is more than just upgrades or new platforms. Digital transformation can alter an organization’s trajectory and affect whether the company succeeds or fails.

Now what? Leadership guide for digital transformation

In this guide, we provide next steps for leaders who seek to harness the power of data to transform performance and customer experience.

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