Real Estate Consulting Services

Are you being pulled in too many directions? You want to focus on strategy, on growth—on the real estate acquisitions, funding and other opportunities that can drive your success. Yet, too often, you’re mired in day-to-day operational details. Or the time you have to devote to evaluating your constantly shifting risk environment is becoming a risk itself by diverting your focus from building your business.

Whether you are acquiring a property or integrating a new IT system, conducting financial due diligence or lease abstraction, assessing third party risk or managing real estate cybersecurity, you may be stretching the capabilities of your internal resources. The RSM real estate practice provides a full range of real estate consulting services tailored to the specific needs of your organization.   We have worked with REITsfundsconstruction firms, lenders, property owners, management companies and other investors in real estate, assessing their needs in detail and providing proven solutions throughout the transaction life cycle.