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Real estate in rising US cities

The real estate investment opportunity beyond America's gateway cities


The U.S. real estate market has boomed in the post-Great Recession era, with the lion’s share of investment capital flowing into the big “gateway” cities like New York and San Francisco. But at the same time a second tier of cities has steadily been transformed by job creation in largely technology and healthcare industries, cities like Nashville and Austin.

In this Privcap video series Laura Dietzel, senior manager and real estate senior analyst in RSM's national real estate practice, Preston Sargent of Bailard and Derrick McGavic of Newport Capital Partners discuss how there is indeed smart money flowing into the real estate of these rising cities, but careful analysis and underwriting are still required.

Additional takeaways include:

Watch the videos linked below to learn what the best strategies are for growing and protecting capital invested in properties within these rising cities.


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