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The Data Driven CFO


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Many CFOs now play an important role in value-creation at private equity portfolio companies.  Equipped with powerful new tools for data analysis, they’re helping to make vital business decisions and to drive their companies toward success. 

In this video report published by Privcap, Kevin Masse, TA Associates; Dave Noonan, RSM US LLP; and Shahriyar Rahmati, Convest Partners, discuss how information is redefining the finance role.

Key findings about the data-driven CFO offered by these experts include:

  • Armed with game-changing data tools, CFOs can be key partners in adding value
  • During due diligence, gap analysis should also be applied to the finance team
  • Keep in mind that when the deal is done, the finance team is exhausted
  • General partners should collaborate with CFOs on the value creation plan
  • Planning prevents wrong turns with new technology platforms

Four-part video series

From diligence to plan of action


From diligence to plan of action

Learn why and how the best value-creation plans are jointly built by the private equity firm and the portfolio’s management team.

  • April 14, 2017

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