Audit services for private equity firms

Tackling today’s auditing and financial reporting challenges and requirements

Private equity firms – both their funds and portfolio companies – are being impacted by the multitude of changes to the financial reporting environment. With growing complexities in general and specifically for private equity, it is critical that you have clarity on how to interpret and implement these accounting changes.

We approach our audit offerings as a service for the benefit of all of your organization's stakeholders. Our audit services are designed to ensure quality, clarity and efficiency in financial reporting and enhance and simplify your financial functions.

Audit services for private equity funds

  • Fund organization and structuring
  • Valuations and FAS 157/ASC 820
  • Management fees, including deferrals and waivers
  • Income, loss and carried interest allocations
  • Distribution computations
  • Internal rate of return (IRR) computations
  • Financial statement preparation and disclosures
  • Specialized private equity services for SBICs and BDCs
  • Custody audits

Audit services for private equity portfolio companies

  • Annual audit
  • Global audit management
  • Complete audit of “closing balance sheet” prior to acquisition
  • Complete audit of “opening balance sheet” and audit procedures for the next year-end audit
  • Accounting assistance including acquisition accounting, variable Interest Entities (VIE), share-based compensation arrangements (ASC 718)
  • Working capital services
  • Covenant negative assurance reviews
  • Inventory observations

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