Power, utilities and alternative energy

Trends and issues that power generation, transmission and distribution companies face

RSM’s audit, tax and consulting professionals have been helping organizations in the power, utilities and alternative energy industries improve their performance through the most challenging business cycles. Developing new technologies, sustaining low natural gas prices, declining wind and solar costs, maintaining renewable portfolio standards and storing distributed generation are among the many factors affecting the industry. Our industry specialists can help the companies in this industry sector navigate through an evolving energy environment.

Power, utilities and alternative energy: Challenges and opportunities

Deregulation: Removing barriers and shifting spending to capital expansion and job creation are issues being addressed due to deregulation. Understanding the risks involved in this constantly evolving industry, however, is critical to success.

Regulatory environment: The regulatory and legislative environment is constantly evolving. While there is a clear global desire for cleaner energy, keeping up with differing federal, state and global regulations can be challenging.

Solar power: With the improving economics of solar power, its impact on businesses and consumers will be significant and widespread.