Metals and mining

Trends and issues facing metals and mining companies

RSM has a long history of advising clients in the metals and mining industry, providing integrated solutions across our service lines of audit, tax and consulting. We understand that the mining industry is evolving, and affected by fluctuating commodity price cycles, capital market gyrations, rising costs and government regulations. Our mining industry specialists are adaptive, think ahead of cyclical curves and respond quickly to changing needs. We take the time to understand your unique mining operations, strategic directions and objectives, taking a long-term, objective view to assess your strategic opportunities.

We cater to all stages of the mining cycle, from exploration and mine development to extraction and reclamation. RSM works seamlessly between offices and service lines to deliver tailored and coordinated solutions for our mining clients.

Metals and mining: Challenges and opportunities

Digitization: Embracing technology in the metals and mining industry is critical to helping companies remain competitive within a landscape of economic shifts, consumer demands and regulatory compliance. Digitization is helping improve infrastructure, increase safety and maintain efficiencies.

Innovation: Mining companies are starting to work together to develop innovation across the industry. Whereas mining companies were traditionally concerned about intellectual property being a competitive advantage, it’s becoming clear that they can reduce the costs of innovation by working together.