State and Local Capabilities 

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Your needs are broad and complex – and we have solutions to match, including assurance and consulting services – developed specifically to address your unique needs. The following are additional specialized service areas for state and local governments.

Assurance services

Our audit approach emphasizes early planning and an understanding of your organization allowing us to tailor our procedures to specific needs. The result is an effective, cost efficient, independent audit that allows you to identify process improvements and plan more accurately for the future.
Assurance services for government organizations include:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Performance audits
  • Single audit (OMB Circular A-133)
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Internal controls evaluations

Financial advisory services

The current public sector environment presents both serious challenges and exciting opportunities. Your success depends on how you respond.

How comfortable are you that your organization understands and is prepared to manage a growing exposure to fraud, litigation or other business risks? Are your compliance costs decreasing or increasing each year? Are you optimizing your compliance investments?

If you are experiencing programmatic or budgetary growth, has your organization undertaken appropriate due diligence and integration procedures? Are you comfortable with compliance requirements?

Have you recently experienced, or do you anticipate, special audit, investigations or inquiry by the IG or oversight authorities? Are you confident that your organization is neither paying too much or too little in procurement contracts?

Is your accounting staff adequately trained and ready to implement new requirements for oversight, transparency and accountability?

Hundreds of other financial and operational issues may come to mind. Managing them – and translating them into opportunities – is the major challenge faced by every public sector leader, CFO and management team. That’s why leading organizations continually assess their performance and seek to improve, drive positive change and follow systematic, sustainable management processes.

At RSM, we can help guide your organization through large, complex accounting-related events or transitions. Our services include:

  • Process improvement; fast close
  • Restatement assistance
  • Post-acquisition year-end or quarter-end close
  • Fraud and forensics accounting
  • Technical accounting advisory and accounting support

Risk advisory services

Does your internal audit function go beyond compliance to tangible enhancement of government accountability? Are you convinced that you have the right balance between identifying and managing risk, and the cost of risk management? Do you regularly engage external subject-matter experts to help integrate best practices into your organization?

At RSM, we understand the complexity of today’s public sector environment and the resulting increase in financial and operational risks that could have a serious impact on government’s ability to protect the public interest. Risk factors associated with accounting, regulatory compliance, information technology, operations and other aspects of government operations can be difficult to manage. These functions are rarely integrated and have their own unique management challenges. In addition, the prevention of waste, fraud and abuse have become imperative in this new era of government oversight and transparency.

Technology and management consulting services

State and local government agencies need technology which works the way government works. Whether you’re a smaller department with simple budgets and grants or a large county with complex budgets, multiple projects and advanced reporting needs, we understand the challenges of serving the many needs of local and state government. This experience has given us a healthy appreciation of the economics and politics facing public servants.

From technology and operations to strategic planning and financial projections, we assemble a team of talented professionals who work closely with you to develop tailored solutions to fit your unique needs.

How can we help you?

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