Investment Company Accounting and Financial Reporting

Our experts are well versed with the nuances of the AICPA Investment Companies Audit Guide. We also closely follow the U.S. and other key financial center regulatory reporting changes, helping financial services organizations navigate through these reporting and compliance requirements..

Business Structure

We help financial services organizations determine the best structure to meet their business and personal objectives. We work with their attorneys to pinpoint not only choice of entity and number of entities but also the most desirable location for the business operations. Our knowledge of the intricacies of rules such as those governing accreditation of hedge fund investors enables us to provide invaluable structuring guidance.

Complex Financial Instruments

As Wall Street and other global financial markets continue to evolve and become more complex, new financial instruments are created, e.g., contract for differences, participation notes, total return swaps, swaptions, structured notes, credit default swaps, asset and mortgage backed securities, etc. Our experts consult and advise the industry on accounting, taxation and financial reporting implications and practices.

FAS 157

FAS 157, Fair Value Measurements, has provided a new definition to fair value measurement and new extensive disclosure requirements including classification of investments into levels 1, 2 and 3. Our experts can help clients navigate through the maze of this accounting standard.

FIN 48

FIN 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes, is now applicable to private companies. Wading through FIN 48 implementation requires an exceptional grasp of U.S. GAAP and a complete understanding of the technical and administrative tax rules for every jurisdiction (local as well as international) in which a company operates. Because of its intricacies, and its range of applications, FIN 48 also imposes onerous documentation requirements. Our experts can help clients navigate through the nuances of FIN 48.


We consult with businesses concerning the ramifications of their investment strategies, including whether there are particular tax issues that need to be monitored as well as whether certain strategies present issues such as capitalization concerns, and undue risk.

Prime Broker-Dealer Arrangements

We work with hedge fund organizations to establish prime brokerage relationships to facilitate the clearance, settlement and custody of their securities trades. Our knowledge of the capabilities and financial stability of the various prime brokers is based on years of experience working with them.

Risk Management Analyses

Because of our extensive involvement in the industry, we have gained valuable experience in performing analyses of risk. We are often called upon to assist businesses in evaluating whether the risk undertaken by a specific business strategy justifies the potential economic reward.

Portfolio Reporting

We are well versed in the needs of both managers and investors and the information they must receive on a timely basis. We have excellent working relationships with the major reporting services available to hedge funds.

Internal Control Structure and Review

Internal controls are vital in any business and financial services entities are no exception. We are skilled in implementing appropriate structures for new entities. Our goal is to help businesses operate as efficiently and effectively as possible while ensuring that risks are minimized.

Anti-Money Laundering

We can review an organization's AML policies and procedures and advise them of the best practices.

Performance Record Attest Services

We can perform performance attest services in accordance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

Operations Due Diligence

Based on our experience, we can study an investment partnership's operations and internal controls around trade execution and reconciliation, portfolio valuation and recording, accounting functions and NAV calculations and investor transactions and reporting and advise them of the best practices.

Due Diligence

We can perform due diligence with regards to their investment strategies, operations, risk management, and financial reporting and advise them of the best practices.

Internal Audit

Maintaining your financial integrity can be a significant challenge. We can help ensure that you have the proper systems, processes and controls in place to mitigate your organization's risk. Whether you are looking to develop an internal audit department, supplement your existing capabilities, or execute an internal audit plan, we can help address your internal audit needs.

Technology Risk Management

Many technology-related matters can impact your business, from cyber security and protection of valuable information to technology utilization and compliance. We can evaluate the risks of intrusion into an organization's systems and mitigate these hazards. From a compliance stand-point, we can assist with SAS 70 audits to help minimize the impact on your business. With our depth of experience identifying and protecting systems, data and confidential information, we can help manage your enterprise-wide risk.


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