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Financial services industry outlook: Fall 2022

Sep 21, 2022

Financial services industry outlook key takeaways

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Capital-raising strategies for private credit and venture debt funding are on the rise and expected to increase.

Understanding what the metaverse is and what its users want is necessary for future growth.

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AI works in tandem with machine learning, allowing insurers to connect everything insurance to smart devices.

Financial services Economics
Asset management industry outlook
Private credit and venture debt fund opportunities appeal to middle market investors as economic headwinds create challenges.

Private credit and venture debt funds have been on the rise in recent years and may stand to benefit in the economic environment expected to unfold over the next few quarters. Due to an alignment of factors, companies may turn to these funds for liquidity and capital, which in turn could entice investors to back these investment vehicles despite prevailing economic headwinds.

There is much excitement around the metaverse and its implications for a more futuristic world. For a financial institution to stay ahead of the game and have a competitive advantage in the market, leadership teams need to start thinking about the metaverse, considering its implications for the institution and developing a response.

Financial institutions industry outlook
The reality of what the metaverse means for financial institutions and the digital future of banking.
Insurance industry outlook
The future of insurance hinges on technology and talent.

Unleashing the potential of automation requires insurers to make strategic investments in their technology and people. Artificial intelligence and machine learning specifically can provide flexibility that allows insurers to innovate and transform faster in key business areas such as distribution, underwriting, policy services or claims management, while attracting and retaining talent by providing more meaningful work.

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