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How do you best balance the combination of credit facilities' securitizations, debt offerings, and other instruments necessary to fund your loans and most effectively address the numerous accounting and tax issues that these instruments create? What are your best options for funding growth securing the success of your owners or investors—an IPO? Private equity? A merger or acquisition? In an industry that's making money while many others are struggling, are you taking advantage of every opportunity to control your overall tax exposure?

At RSM we understand your issues because our dedicated specialty finance professionals work full time serving your industry. We understand your industry because we are recognized contributors to the American Financial Services Association (AFSA). And we will understand you—your company, your goals, your unique needs—because that is the foundation of everything we do.

That's the power of being understood.

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How fintech is impacting the future of financial services

In a Q/A format, get insights on the impact of fintech in financial services and what it means for the future.


Fintech the disruptor: Risks and opportunities for financial services

Legacy financial services must respond to fintech rivals by understanding advantages, planning acquisitions or mimicking services.


Using process automation in the asset-backed securities industry

Automation can help reduce costly manual processes and the associated human error risks within the structured credit industry


Understanding Cryptocurrency Risks and Opportunities

The regulatory environment and the operational and security risks are vitally important when investing in crpytocurrencies.


Impact of CECL on specialty finance companies

If adopted early, FASB’s new credit impairment model, or CECL, could have a significant effect on specialty lenders as soon as 2019.


Specialty lenders need to start preparing for CECL now

Understand the choices specialty finance companies need to make to comply with CECL’s new approach to measuring and reporting credit losses.


Economic recovery has been a mixed blessing for specialty auto lenders

This article discusses how economic recovery has impacted specialty auto lenders and what these lenders can do now.


A turnkey outsourced accounting solution for a receivables portfolio

How RSM helped a joint venture receivables portfolio meet strict accounting and reporting needs through a sophisticated outsourced solution.

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